Are humans living, conscious time machines?

As humans we can make choices and therefore go against random occurrences so as to move and create things and so (on small scale at the moment) we can change high entropy situations into low entropy situations, although only within closed circuits. For example we can make sandcastles (low entropy) out of a pile of sand (high entropy). If in the future we can do this on a much larger scale could we, in theory, lengthen the age the earth, sun or even the whole universe will last. Or could we go even further and, in a sense, turn back time by changing the whole universes state of entropy back to a lower entropy form? If so would this make us the universe's way of self preservation?

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Uhm, if we were how would any of us know?

I'm not sure what you mean by us changing high entropy situations into low entropy ones...
But for now it seems that our world had reached a relative equilibrium, and then the human activity has somewhat messed with it.
Anyways I don't feel we're preserving the universe whatsoever.

oh and also, why would a sandcastle have less entropy than a pile of sand ?

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