What is important in life? Is it okay to live only for the benefit of oneself and ones nearest and dearest?

As a member of a society that is threatened by many urgent and dramatic issues, do I have a duty to use my life, and the resources at my disposal, to improve the situation within which I live? Or is it morally acceptable that I satisfy myself with the achievement of personal goals that have little positive impact on those beyond my immediate sphere of existence?
Consider zero-sum living. A dream which is achieved at the cost of anothers, adds nothing to the world. A life which contributes above and beyond the contributions of others, is that the building block of a successful society?
And if it is the issue that defines us, the problem that we depend on to qualify our existence, is there any nobility in that pursuit?

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Different things are important to different people, so your first question is hard to answer, but the second one is easy enough. There is no way around it: your life will be empty and lonely sad and pathetic if your only purpose is to benefit yourself and those closest to you. A life like that would be completely devoid of most happiness. You wouldn't have friends, you probably wouldn't have a family, if you do have a family, that means you necessarily hate your job, because it doesn't benefit those nearest you. Right? That's a life no one should ever have to live. Here's what I think: Spend your entire life serving others if you want to know what happiness is. When you lose yourself for other people, then you will know what is important in life. I strongly recommend you find a community soup kitchen or homeless shelter and spend some time there. Take a few friends or family with you, and volunteer your time to help some strangers and maybe make a new friend or two.

Sure, if you wanna be an asshole.

no. I think we need to spread the good news.

I dont think so... though, this is the most followed practice, but I think that those who are spending their life in helping others, are the most satisfied people.

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