Should we comment on other peoples' writing?

So we all know the difference between "wall-of-text" and "well written"... We rarely read the wall-of-text...

Now, I've come across many discussions that seem worth having. The Title is good and should attract a lot of people but once you enter the conversation you realize that there are 2000 characters that you need to read...And you don't bother...

So, should we give advice to people on how to write in a "better" way?

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I'd say yes. Poor writing, in my opinion, limits the possibility of having an engaging conversation. The more well-written and expressive someone's writing is, the better others will be able to take in what they need to in order to give their own intellectual response.

And like you said, people are more prone to skip over a wall of text because it may be boring, too lengthy, or just look unattractive to read for some reason.

TLDR: Yeah, help improve other's writing.

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Yes. That's what they want.

Yes, how else would they know what we think of it?

Hell, yeah! But try and be serious about it.

Yes, how else will they improve?


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