Even if Corey Clark's story is true, he should not get anything because he lied to get on the show to begin with. Amirite?

I heard about this story on the radio today. It really irked me because Corey is playing the damn "race card" against American Idol. He is claiming that American Idol discriminates against black contestants. And this is further PROOF to back comments I have said on this site about the black community perpetuating racism.
I have watched EVERY season of American Idol, and I know for a FACT that they do not discriminate. Any one can try out (within their age limits). I remember Corey getting booted because he did not reveal his criminal record to them. If they discover you have one after you are on the show, you are let go. It has NOTHING to do with discrimination. It is a policy stated up front. My point is, he lied and covered up to get on the show, therefore, he has no grounds to deserve getting a dime from them or anyone. I doubt that Paula had the affair he claims. He has been ticked off ever since he got booted off and apparently is trying to get a free payday.

Season 2 semifinalist claims his life was destroyed after his alleged affair with Paula Abdul went public.Corey Clark, an aspiring singer who was kicked off American Idol in 2003 after his arrest record was exposed on the Internet, is suing the top-rated program over comments made about his early exit and his alleged affair with former judge Paula Abdul. In a 44-page complaint, obtained Tuesday by The Hollywood Reporter, Clark takes specific aim at Foxhttp://www.celebuzz.com/2013-01-29/former-american-idol-contestant-corey-clark-suing-fox/
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