What is God? Who has made God? And why would God care about humans worshiping him?

We see debates between believers and non believers.
Non-believers say there is no God.
Believers say, there is a God.

If you are a believer:
1. How does you God look like. (Or what is he made of? Matter, unti-matter, dark matter, energy?)
2. Who made him/her?
3. Why he does not have another God?

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God is the all powerful creator of this earth and this universe. He was not made by anyone he has always been around ever since the beginning of time. God also made humans. He made them in the image of himself and at the beginning of time, we were perfect. This is hard to grasp, but we made no mistakes, no evil in the world.There was only two human beings on earth. A dam and eve. God prepared the greatest and most beautiful place on earth for adam and eve to live with al the animals god made. God had angels that helped him make the earth. He made his angels and they worshiped him god loved all the animals, angles, and people very deeply. One day an angel named satan thought to himself a very evil thought. " I am better than god so i should be in charge". So, he tried tho overthrow god. This was the first evil act. Then satan was banished and thrown down from heaven, a beautiful place above the earth where all the angels and god himself lived. Satan fell down to heaven where Adam and Eve lived which is called the garden of eden. The garden of eden is a place God made for them. It was beautiful. And it had all the types of fruit in the world and adam and eve could eat any type of fruit they want except one. This fruit that they could not eat was sacred and only god could eat it. God specifically told Adam and eve not to eat it and they obeyed... until satan came. Satan was evil and now he was against god so he temped adam and eve to eat the fruit. He tempted and tempted and tempted and tempted until Adam and Eve finally gave in. They had disobeyed God. This is how evil and sin came into the world. Anyway log story short, after that day god understood humans were not perfect so he asked from us just one simple request. To repent daily. This means to apologize to god for all of your wrongdoings you have committed. And finally, god loves when his children ( humans) worship him because he loves us very much and he wants to know how much we love him. God will always love you and never forsake you. Ask God to be your savior. He is the way, the truth, and the life. God bless your soul

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