How can we energize the hearts of many people sufficient to move our world into an equitable & sustainable global home?

I think our core problem is the global shortage of energized hearts. What does people of energized hearts look like?

They are those people who have hearts on fire that is fueling the transformation of our world. Their energized hearts cause them to care about the state of our world and give power to their minds to hope, innovate and work for solutions. We now have those people but our global problems persist so it only means that we don't have enough energized people to move our world into a better place.

The unbelievable power that we have right now is that it can cost close to nothing to energize the hearts of other people. Today our world survives because of enough energized hearts that is produced in our homes, communities and institutions. The basic ingredient of producing energized hearts is our human interactions, in our relationships. We can be artificially energized by other means like substances and other negative energies but it does not last and leaves us less energized.

Our human nature says that the only we way we can be perpetually energized is by our human interactions. So how do we energize more hearts and more minds to help transform our world?

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