What words have shaped you? Whether good or bad, do you remember the word or phrase that shaped your sense of identity and self?

Sometimes the words that you hear from a parent, a caregiver, or family member really shapes your sense of identity and self. The words that you hear shapes who you are.

Some of us have heard powerful and positive words. We have been encouraged to do things beyond our ability. We have received opportunities to excel and be the best that we can be through the encouraging words of people that we look up to.

Some of us have heard negative words. Words that were meant to hurt, destroy, or kill. They have affirmed our insecurities, and they have become who we think we are.

There is power in words. The words that are said to you become the self-talk that you continually repeat in your mental theatre. Whether you hear positive or negative words, they become the words that you say to yourself.

I'm interested in how many positive stories there are. We have all heard negative words, but can you remember any of the positive ones that have shaped you? Can you remember the negative words? How does that shape you? What word has created YOU?

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