Corporate person-hood? Corporate Rights? Corporate Responsibility? Corporate Justice?

In 1886 in the court case of Santa Clara County V. Southern Pacific Railroad, corporations were to be recognized under the 14th amendment as a collective of shareholders and should be privy to many of the same rights as natural persons.
The supreme courts 2010 decision in Citizens United V. Federal Election Committee decided that campaign contributions were a form of free speech not to be limited for corporations. Corporations now have many of the same rights as natural humans now, but seem not to share in our responsibility. Corporate responsibility seems to be limited to shareholder profits. Should we extend the concept of corporate responsibility to other crimes? If it is found that a corporation is responsible for the death of a human life due to its products or business practices should that corporation be judged as a person would be? Are fines an appropriate form of justice or should we extend the death penalty to corporations? and if so, what form should this take? As heads and leaders of the company should we hold CEOs and Board members responsible for the crimes of their companies or confiscate the companies funds and assets and dissolve the business? Thoughts?

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