When will the Gulf of California start being protected as it is called the womb of the Pacific?

It appears that in recent years legislation is handing the Gulf over to the longliners and big seine netters, many from foriegn countries, to the detriment of local fishermen and the sports fishing industry. I have been coming to Baja California Sur since 1982 and the fish the local panga fishermen are netting and the sharks that they are hooking are getting smaller and smaller. I have been living here full time and snorkeling at least half of the days of the year for 14 years and have seen the enormous changes across from Isla Cerralvo on the shore as well as in the sea and can see what was just cobble rocks near shore turn into a growing reef with new fish returning every day, so we are not past the point of no return, yet. Much of this positive change I believe is happening because of 6 years of hurricanes.
I would like to know what steps are being taken to protect this "womb of the Pacific Ocean"? What organizations are in operation for it's protection? What educational programs are being offered to the local communities and fishing ejidos? Wouldn't a reverse fishing license work in some strategic areas of the Gulf to support the small fishing communities as it did for Greg Stone?

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