I've lost my way in life since I was in high school, I want to get my motivation and drive back to do well in school, how can I do this?

Ever since high school I became lacklustre and didn't really study that much and barely made it through school. Though luckily I did do well on a few subjects. In primary school and secondary school I was one of the top 5 in class consistently. In high school I was just the middle - top pack. I knew it in myself I wasn't trying hard enough. Even my parents couldn't help. Of course there were there to push me but it just never spurred me on for long. Now I've been in university for 4 years and its the same story. I barely make it through each semester and always never plan my assignments well and end up doing a half ass job. I'm nearing the end of my studying career and I've regretted it but I have one last semester to prove it to myself that I can become motivated again. I'm looking for any help, any advice, any pointers - I'm in a dire situation. I want to get out.

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