How can we recognize between true or false news? Should(not) we believe in the news?

I think that is almost impossible .For every news that you have seen on a Tv channel you will see another tv channel with huge or slight difference in the point of view about the same news.If you look for the same news on internet , you will probably have thousands of differents "truths" about the same news

The bottom line is: who is telling the truth?

Someone will probably say that the big channel tv or mass media (I mean the most important and popular newspaper , radios ,broadcasts etc).

Someone suggest that they have the best journalists who before writting the news they have to check the source and compare it with other source to find the authentical "truth"...but I allege that , however, the mass media are Corporations(sorry ,I´m sure the mass media ARE big corporations ) and one of theirs purposes is to have economics profits so they could be interested in that news would be truth (or false). About Internet , someone will say that everyone can make up his own thuth creating a blog or spreading by Facebook , twitter or similar (anti-)social network .
So ,my question is basically what do you do to recognize true news and which are your arguments for thinking that is true?

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