War. Do we really understand the consequences of it?

I lived in the US when September 11th happened, just outside DC. I remember people being interviewed as to what we should do and I remember clearly two mothers on either coast being independently asked if we should go to war? They answered the question in a similar way "I have a son in the Army but I am willing to pay the consequences." A year later the country was up in arms about the mental state of the young men and women who had been sent into combat. they had gone with the best of intentions but had returned a different person or sadly returned in a box. It seems that as we are loosing the last part of the generation who served in WWll we are only now understanding the toll it took on them. In Great Britain it was frowned upon for a man to be open about his feelings so my parents and grandparents generations just stuffed their feelings, as time has allowed us to open up we are seeing the depth of the trauma of war.

So I would ask, do we really understand the consequences of war?

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