Are we bombarding our students with too many standardized tests in school?

The DOE plans to add 9 tests to the school year in most states who are already testing their students from elementary to high school with State Standradized tests tied to enbdless benchmarks, standards, and rules. Is it time to step back and really look at who is in our classrooms? Is testing teaching? Are we spinning our wheels and turning out students who can't answer deeply about any subject much lerss read and analyze data?

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Yes, they're just making us temporarily memorize information, which honestly we just shove to the backs of our minds to make room for a new onslaught of information, which in turn causes the previously learned information to be sorta forgotten by the time it's relevant again. Basically we're tested on how well we memorize information, rather than how well we actually know the things. It's test after test after test on new information.

Soon enough I'll forget the majority of the things I learned last year in school to make room for the new things. I think we should learn the necessary things first, with lesser things (such as exact dates) on the sides.

@LeyTheFlea Yes, they're just making us temporarily memorize information, which honestly we just shove to the backs of our...

Memorizing just for the test is indeed the best way to forget it.
That's what I always did, but I know it has to make sense for you at the time you learn it, and recall those memories enough so they stick (impossible when learning them 3 days before the test).
Lessons are built around a theme, and every information is related to the other, because that's the way we memorize it, by creating links with the other knowledge we have.
If one can get himself actually interested in the subject, no wonder he will learn it faster, and for a longer time.

holy shit yes

@GryndStone holy shit yes

i'll expand a bit by mentioning what the state of Rhode Island has decided upon. The year after I graduate mandatory tests will be taken in 4 classes twice a year for ALL students. They don't pass, they don't get pro moted. Not to mention the pressure of mandatory NECAPS which can really fuck up your high-school plans, senior project, and the general pressure of being a high school student, and yeah, I think we could cut the fuck down on standardized tests a bit.

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