Do you ever get overwhelmed by the number of brilliant ideas out there in the world? Is our society becoming too complex?

Think about how many technologies, apps, and inventions are being churned out every moment of every day. If you've ever had to develop some sort of innovation, it seems as if it's becoming so difficult to assert originality, whereby someone somewhere else in the world unbeknownst to you is probably already well on their way to taking that idea to market.

This is naturally a postmodern thought. But what do you think? Has this always been the case, or is it just because of the rapid pace at which ideas can be commercialised these days and the connecting power of the internet that you can discover brilliant developments taking place all over the world at the click of a mouse.

It reminds me of the theory of social complexity discussed by Joseph Tainter, in his book: 'The Collapse of Complex Societies'. He argued that when societies become too complex, they eventually collapse.

Are we solving the ultimate issue of finite resources or are we just adding greater complexity, which will eventually lead to demise?

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well our society it is both becoming complex and becoming more stupid

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