What lifestyle changes would you make or what material things would you give up for cleaner air?

Air pollution results primarily from combustion of carbon-based fuels used in transportation and industry. These pollutants are the precursors of the much maligned CO2 greenhouse gas. These pollutants also cause or exacerbate cardio-pulmonary diseases, and are complicit in a host of others including cancer, genetic mutations, obesity, and even diminished learning capacity in children. There is much public outcry for cleaner fuels and more effective regulations for industry, and there have been some successes.

However, what is our role as individuals? Do we need to give up material things or make lifestyle changes to have cleaner air or is it entirely up to government and industry? What are we realistically willing to give up? Our cars, travel, commute, camaraderie in the office if we choose to work at home, control of employees if they choose to work at home, dining out frequently, etc? (The corollary of this is that the less we consume, the fewer traditional jobs will be needed. Is this a necessary pain until the transition to a different lifestyle is in effect and new types of jobs have been created?)

There are often complaints about cleaner and renewable sources of energy. Would you be ok with:
solar panels on your neighbor's roof (folks complain that they are unsightly)
wind turbines in your neighborhood (again complaints that they are unsightly and have questionable health effects)
nuclear energy -(needs no explanation)

Please feel free to offer any comments, and thank you.

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Nothing. Any contributions I make towards using "green" technologies will be purely for the purpose of being as independent as possible.

I would give up cars, and plastic toys.

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