ADHD, Friendships, Social Skills and Medication Am I wrong to not wanting to medicate my son ?

I am a full time dad alone with my son for the past 7 years, no family to help us, I have been dedicating my life towards helping him to succeed in school.
The school is pressuring me to get him on medication.
I am also with ADD/ADHD I tried the medication and the side effect was so bad that I decided to not expose my son to it.

at time he can have 100% in his math test and other time 60% his spelling is the same. Where my son is struggling is in social skills, routine.

Are those issue will change with time?
Am I preventing him of a opportunity to learn more ?
What are the long term effect of all these new drugs ?

He is a very happy child considering he has no mother and rarely has friends over , he is a avide reader , each night he has to read his book, he is very articulate , and has empathy, good communications skills, and best of all he want.s to be a Doctor when he grows up
when I told his principal about his goal she laugh.

Medication Vyvience. Aderall ....

With my son I only use Food, exercise, positive renforcement, patience, understanding, empathy, workshops, play, and time with him lots of time with him, to a point where I have been single for the past 7 years.

Help and advise would be appreciated.

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If the side effects are worse than the medication, then I'd suggest not using it. As someone who is not fond at all of the overuse of man-made medicinal drugs nowadays, I'd suggest finding a healthy alternative to the drug, preferably a plant-oil drug with the same effects as whatever medication your son would use, just without the majority of the side effects. There might not be a natural helper, but I think you should ask your son if he wants it. It should be his choice, not yours. I know I wouldn't want to be forced to take something that gave me more bad effects than good.

Do what your son wants. I'm happy that you're not being neglectful though, unlike my parents. I had extreme epilepsy, anxiety, and depression. My parents made sure to do whatever they could so I wouldn't be on medication because it's considered unhealthy. The last straw for me was when I tried to commit suicide. I have to go to my doctors on my own & my parents aren't too happy with my decisions. I was in so much pain, I was so antisocial because of my anxiety. My spinal cord was fucking up because of my anxiety. I had petite mal & grande mal seizures and they usually occurred when I was under much stress. I was stressed when I was even near people. I would have seizures in parks & a couple hours later, I would find myself all by myself in the park.

Point of my story is don't stay neglectful. I would ask him what he wants. He's only 7, but if he's doing okay for now, I would just keep him the way he is. If his ADHD is really impacting him, take him for medication right away. Don't waste any time. He can always stop taking the medication. My parents didn't understand medication. You might have felt uncomfortable with the medication you were taking, but I would give him the chance to decide.

Put YOURSELF in their shoes.

There are ways to help with ADD/ADHD without medication. A girl I know doesn't want to take drugs to change her, but she understands that, as a person with ADHD, she needs to be able to focus and allow other people to focus. I'm not exactly sure what she does to keep it under control, but she sometimes listens to music which makes her focus. Of course, it also helps that we have wonderful, understanding educators in the area who work with her to succeed. I would certainly talk with a professional about what drug free options there are.

Although, I do think that your son should have a voice in the decision, especially once he's older.

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