Can the events unfolding in North Africa and the Middle East be dismissed with naive conspiricy theories of "Western" ambition and greed?

Many have long described that the rule of many of the Middle Eastern countries as puppets, placed by Western powers to drive the agendas of "developed nations", thirsty for the natural resources needed to maintain their economies. In the complex chess match, many have said that current powers are supported in return for favourable discounts and "win-win" partnerships at the expense of the locals. Through regimes use of blunt force, they have been able to control the will of its people and take as they please from the resources that should be dispatched to its citizens. Is it really fair to naively assume that these simple assumptions really capture the complexity of these times? Can we really be lead to believe that the world's leaders are collaborating under such primitive context to serve their self interest? Can it be as simple as it seems...greed with no modern day robin hood?

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