Biotechnology, stem cell research etc are going to shape up the future of the Healthcare system shortly , how ready we are for that ?

Present trend of scientific research in the area of cell biology, tissue culture , biotechnology making it evident that these will to a large extend replace Pharmaceuticals as well as shake up the healthcare system. In the place of Pill driven treatment it will be more organ or tissue driven one. Now my question is are we ready for that as following changes will happen in the whole value chain ?
Instead of having pharmacy in the corner of street , we might need organ and tissue shops which must be quite different because those organs or tissues need different storage condition than that of nicely packed Pills.

One size will not fit all , those will be more indvidualized , so right now I can think of following changes

  • Cost may go up
    -Lot of diagnostic tests might be needed
    -Current physician pool may not be skilled enough to handle those and number of skilled physicians will be limited

Developed countries and economies might have some readyness to embrace that change quickly but how ready they really are ?
What about developing and underdeveloped countries , they are not definitely ready for that, so will they be living on pharmaceuticals ?

Good news of this change is those treatment may offer cure which current pharmaceuticals can't in most cases and those treatments being more biology friendly will have less or no side effect.

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