Well roundedness and immersion- what are their places in public schools, and in life?

I am a Junior at a high school in California. At my school there is something of an obsession with the UC and CSU college systems, which require a significant degree of "well roundedness". In the admissions processes to many organizations in my community, there is also a very large stress on well roundedness- even over passion and dedication for the cause of said organization.

Then there are schools and organizations such as Stanford- which above all else love to see an angular and action-based student- and achieve a great deal in promoting that sort of person.

I acknowledge that being exposed to a wide variety of concepts, ideas, and people is important, however I am at a loss for how one is to balance well roundedness with dedication and passion (which I hold in much higher regard).

I do think is that there should be a way to exercise both without one getting on the way of another, but I am not quite sure how that would work (ie: balance X with Y whilst simultaneously using X and Y to better yourself in Z ? or somesuch nonsense?).

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