in your opinion, why don't chickens fly?

I was wondering if I could take the liberty of asking a few minutes of your precious time to ask you a question that at first may seem absurd but it is the title of the book I'm working on. The question is: "Why do not chickens fly? ". This is a parallel between the difficulties faced by media companies to adapt to changes in habits of consumption of information by the public and the inability of the hens to fly, despite having wings.

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They don't have enough aspirations

I feel like "Why don't chickens fly?" could replace "Why did the chicken cross the road?"

People question chickens too much.

My opinion? Isn't the answer more of a fact?

@StickCaveman My opinion? Isn't the answer more of a fact?

Thank you! Some "opinions" on this site frustrate me so much, because they lead to nothing, and are just blatant comments like "The sun is good, amirite?"

Hmm... I guess because they don't feel the need to migrate anywhere. Their bodies must handle the winter cold fine, just like penguins.

Don't know how that helps you with a parallel idea, though. x)

They're afraid of falling :( :(

chickens fly

We have genetically bread them to be so fat that their wings can no longer support their body weight.

Body ratio doesn't make this possible

They're just scared of running into airplanes

Because they would be too hard for us to handle if they were always flying around all over the place.

they enjoy walking

they do. Ranchers don't want chickens to fly, so they clip the wings. That way we can keep our food source.

because they are too fat

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