What are we actually GAINING by committing in rampant over-consumption?

There is so much evidence showing that not only is it ineffective in creating any form of happiness (even in some cases, abundances of money and material wealth can detract from overall happiness) but it is also proving to be detrimental to our finite and beautiful environment and resources.
We have to step back and truly look at the value of owning 'things' over having strong personal relationships (which many sacrifice in the pursuit of material ownership). What are we truly, TRULY gaining by continuing to consume in the way we do?? What is the reward that is so abundant, that we choose, above all else, to focus on making money, to spend money and continually feed into the greed of our society?

I suppose another important idea to introduce is: what exactly has our objective become, as humans in society? Have we completely given in to the idea of fake or fleeting happiness, in lieu of sustainable happiness??

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