Will it ever be possible to unite spirituality and our modern-day knowledge of the world?

As we know there has been plenty of evidence presented which shows that religion has not always benefitted society and is built upon a faith-based platform (in our modern world, this has been argued as irrational, for numerous reasons, which are overall irrelivent to my question). Moving forward, it is also quite clear that science is not built upon the most solid platform either, and again, evidence has been provided to argue this point, including the earths creation. Taking this into account, it is utterly undeniable that these two entities have done great things for humanity throughout history and in the modern world. This is also an inarguable fact, that I wish not to get into too great detail at this time. When referring to 'religion' it is important to note that I have a strong belief in the notion that 'spirituality' is, in fact very healthy for people, and in no way am I inferring that science should take its place, or vise versa. Now onto my question(s): is it not possible for us, as a high-functioning, intelligent species to recognize that neither perspective has been proven wholly correct or incorrect or even taken a clear lead over the other (this is a personal perspective)? Is it unthinkable to suggest that there can and should be room for both entities to operate beside and within each other in modern society, through the utilization of strengths from each, maximizing our potential to flourish as a race and a species? Is this all possibly negated by the fundamental conflicts between religion and science?
Isaac Asimov wrote "The basic trouble, you see, is that people think that "right" and "wrong" are absolute; that everything that isn't perfectly and completely right is totally and equally wrong"
To conclude the complete question is, do you try to find the most correct answer (if so, how do you accomplish this), or is it plausible to (and are we capable of) bridging two fundamentally different views to promote the most favorable outcome for humanity?

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Possible? Sure. But I highly doubt it'll ever happen, or even come close to happen.

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