Is it possible to build a modern pyramid in the Sahara desert?

make Sahara green:
1. build a giant modern pyramid , build it of sand and other materials.
2. build is so people can live inside it, like small apartments in the boxes that are put together to make a pyramid.(use a helicopter to lift the boxes together to an pyramid? )
3. build the pyramid so tall (like 6000 feet? (is this possible?) that it would be ice and cold on the top of the pyramid! then u son will have a water fall longer down on the pyramid where the air is warmer, then u have a water turbine to give power to the flats in the pyramids? (or what about a compressor? cold to hot?)
4. u have an elevator inside the pyramid. and other things.(like a community)
5. every flats have solar panels.(and the opportunity to close the terrace in each flats if there is sand storm
6. the Sahara gets green ?
7 use a concentrated sun beam? to make power to the flats? or heat pump in ground? or what about wind power? (there is a lot off wind in the dessert!!)
8. smile;) i can see u threw the screen;)
9. it might work?(make a wind park much wind in the dessert
10. find a rich sheik and tell him about the idea!

= Shara is green like the jungle?

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God is gonna get pissed off and throw a tantrum again?

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