What’s the best joke a child’s told you? How can educators use humor even more effectively to engage their students?

In 826DC's Museum of Unnatural History, we’ve got a treasure chest filled with sand and unnatural bones. When kids walks in, it’s the first thing they see. After the coyote hanging upside down. Nothing beats a coyote hanging upside down, really. If they want to dig for a bone in our treasure chest, they have to tell us jokes. Some kids won’t stop at just one. They’ve got dozens. Others struggle and turn shy. My favorite: “Why’d the orange roll back down the hill? Because it ran out of juice.” The eight-year old who told that joke on his first visit to 826DC beamed with pride as he delivered the punch line, and now he’s hooked on bringing us more jokes and doing homework with our tutors.

I’d love to know what jokes you’ve heard children tell, how you've seen educators most effectively use humor and what more you think schools and educators can do in this regard.

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