how can we - humans - achieve a world with no money, poverty, wars over resources, and abundance for all? - the answer may surprise you :)

simply put - politics is obsolete (need i elaborate??). it has nothing to do with people's well being and that is why it is so corrupted and harmful to our planet and global population.

the needs of people/ mankind are: housing, clean air, clean water, clean energy, safe transportation, health care and food. FREE for all and suffice in quantities. right?

the question "how can we provide all that -in abundance - to all mankind?" is a technological question - not social or politic or religious. scientist and engineers can answer such questions and provide solutions - not politicians - they are not trained nor educated for that. (and this is not to say they are 'mean' or 'bad')

technology - if set on the right path - can make everybody live like Bill Gates. this claim holds true for some tens of years now as money keeps fueling wars and modern-days-slavery and we all sell ourselves 9-5 daily.

whether you are well familiar with the zeitgeist and Venus project concepts, the visions of Jacque Fresco, or not (yet) - be welcome to reply :)

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Can't be done. Ever. The world is not utopia. Man's ego, selfishness has always existed, always will.

You can't live like Bill Gates without working, capitalism, money, etc.

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