Is the Gates Foundation really out there to engage in development in effective ways?

The Gates Foundation models themselves as the alternative development organization- going against the grain of the traditional briefcase NGO and using scalable models to facilitate development. However, anyone who has worked in development knows that the community is quite an incestuous circle of the NGO's, Donors, Diplomats and Big Business, all of which the Gates Foundation engages with.

Additionally, although they state that none of the projects they fund can be for profit, they nonetheless still fund large corporate projects (Vodafone) that are not explicitly for profit but grow their businesses and can be leveraged to enhance their bottom line.

Finally and most abhorrent, is it not the most devastating thing the the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation has signed a JV with Monsanto?!! Monsanto is probably one of the companies that has done the worst for our world, society and development at large, yet BMG still sign a pact with them to impose the SOY and GM schemes in Africa?

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