Could Christian churches use 50% of their budgets to relieve poverty?

The Christian church has been specifically mandated to meet the needs of the poor. Caring about the poor is not enough. Being kind with token expressions of care is not enough. The radical problem of poverty requires radical involvement. Most churches would have to make major changes to meet the needs of the poor in their communities. Could a church even consider giving 50% of it receipts to helping the poor? One way a church could move toward that goal is this: once a building debt is paid, the church could commit that same amount each month toward meeting the needs of the poor. Churches without debt could make budgetary changes over a period of time to accomodate ministries to the poor. The first step is a change of heart. The next a change of focus. Then a change in practice. Changed hearts would result in saved lives.

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Start with the Vatican and have them give 50% of their budget to the poor, and while at it, 50% of their current holdings. That alone would solve the world's poverty.

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