How do homeless people end up homeless?

"Once, twice, three or four times a Maybe": What are some of the hard and compelling truths about social imbalance in America as it pertains to a four-way minority: Black, female, homeless, and living with major depressive disorder.

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mentally ill people may end up homeless

kids age out of the foster home and may become homeless at 18

you lose your job and become homeless

I know men and women become homeless after getting divorced

gambling can lead to homelessness

drugs can lead to homelessness

addictions that take pretty much all your income make you homeless

Well, they lose their home.

I feel like you're trying to get us to help you write a paper...

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What did you do in order to get out of homelessness?

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Doing what?

And how without address, etc

For future reference if I'm ever in a bind

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What do you about clothes and the stench?

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When someone cannot afford a home they become homeless

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If they're not gonna make cakes, why are they claiming to make cakes?

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