Are all existing financial institutions just financial pyramids?

My claim is that even the state sanctioned financial institutions like pension funds, all sorts of insurance schemes, banks etc. being closely interlinked are nothing but gigantic financial piramids different from the likes of Profit Clicking or Just Been Paid in that they enjoy the support of national governments. They all operate on the one basic principle: pay now and be rewarded handsomely later. Who in their right mind can resist the lure? Hence their popularity Being financial piramids, the life span of all these financial institutions is limited. Basically when all available, free ranging capital (cash kept in people's pockets and stashed under floor boards) is sucked up or tied up by the piramid, it starts to crumble down onto itself. It is a dynamically unstable construct much like a baloon with lots of holes in it. Once you stop pumping air to maitain the inner pressure, the whole thing disintegrates. We happen to be the witnesses of the financial institutions' demise. That's what the CRISIS is all about. The obvious symptoms are clearly seen. We were promised to start receiving our pensions at the age of 60 (women) and 65 (men). Now the pension age is on the move. The carrot changes its position. Who do you blame for this mess? The 1%? No, we are all responsible. I agree that some of us may be more greedy than others, but greedy we all arel! The only way out of the hole is the good old ... war. That's how it has always been. The wheel of history reaches recurrently its familiar stages. There is no stopping the wheel of history.

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