The conversation on gun violence should be made broader and include a much needed look at violence in the 21st century.

In a recent emotional post on Facebook, a friend of mine wrote a very incendiary remark stating that men way outnumber women in perpetrating violent crimes and she's so troubled by this idea and wants to know why.
I'm chiming in because I'm very concerned with violence against children, against women, against gays, against the poor and the disenfranchised. I'm very concerned about the escalation of violence due to mental health, economic, global climate impacts, and diminished "rule of law" in the coming decades. In many cultures around the world that favor sons instead of daughters, with the high numbers of unemployment rates among young men, I'm fearful of what the implications may be just from this thought. This is the reason why we shouldn't skirt issues too sensitive to discuss and broaden this conversation.

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Law enforcers are common perpetrators of gun violence.

Sounds like another nonsensical TED conversation.

Oh look. It is. http://www.ted.com/conversation...un_violen.html Word for word.

I like Scott Koenraadt's reply: Dec 20 2012: ""violence against children, against women, against gays, against the poor and the disenfranchised."
this pisses me off, you can't just say people? I have noticed that more and more it seems like men are not included on lists like this."

But ultimately, I'm not seeing any point or direction in this post. Is this about gun violence or men being violent or protecting women and children? What is it? I'm not sure why I ask because I'll never get a reply from OP, but really now.. the least that can be done is copying and pasting a TED conversation that actually makes sense.

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