Which came first, the chicken or the DNA.

"Abiogenesis is the study of how biological life could arise from inorganic matter through natural processes. In particular, the term usually refers to the processes by which life on Earth may have arisen". ~ wikipedia.

We are seeking to demonstrate how the process got started and how it continued to function, leading to the first single cell animal capable of replicating itself and became more complex by forces of nature impinging on its structure.

We must: (with citations included)
1. Establish the basic conditions for life to form from scratch;

2. Detail the reactions necessary to create the most primitive form of life.

3. Detail how those reactions contributed to the development of a mechanism that led to single cells capable of replicating their selves.

4. Demonstrate how evolutionary forces (dynamic conditions of environment) continues to impact all complex forms of life inducing them to evolve to more complex lifeforms.

This is not a debate about how gods or aliens created life on our planet. It is a demonstration of how an evolutionary process can establish a primitive from of life that ultimately evolves into a single cell animal that is capable of replication. This is done to answer the basic question implied by the question above.

Citations are required. Posts should follow the order of
Suggestion, Demonstration, Citation.
Followed by commentary reply's to support, alter or delete each suggestion.

This is a challenge to indirectly make the case that using the Internet, we can cooperatively work out solutions to the most complicated of problems without demeaning ourselves in the process.


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DNA. Chickens actually evolved from dinosaurs

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Wow what a controversial and complex question. I'm intellectually overwhelmed.

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