The answer to widespread unemployment is " Neo- Nepotism".

The success of the Industrial Revolution, combined with AI and robotics, seems to indicate that almost no "Jobs" cannot be automated out of existence. The Business world welcomes this, since employees are always a nuisance, and every one of them you can fire increases your "Profits".
Wealthy families always solved this problem by Nepotism, providing jobs for its members, regardless of efficiency ; keeping them out of trouble is reason enough. Since Biology , as well as Buddhism , indicates that all people are actually related, i.e. "One of Us", the logical answer is to provide jobs for those who need them, regardless of "efficiency". This idea is outrageous to those brought up in a scarcity economy, because of its "Unfairness", but the Wealthy have always cheerfully practised it. Especially since the invention of Thorium LFTR power plants, the scarcity economy can potentially be eliminated, making "NEO-Nepotism For Everybody," a physically possible outcome. I t will become the weatlthy person's challenge to everyone to find something useful to do when they are not forced to, but how could that be "bad"? In such a civilised society, it is likely that the population would fall dramatically, as it has already in advanced countries, which would take some of the pressure off. We should be able to dream up new ventures more interesting than squabbling with strangers over Oil , or religions; I know I can.

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