Why doesn't the world pool together and disclose UFO and alien phenomenons?

Everyone has seen youtube videos of UFO's. Many of us have had personal experiences with them. The drake equations calls for billions of civilizations to exist within our universe. Why do we humans still remain alone in this galactic family of life and consciousness?

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Grainy, shaky videos of a tiny object moving through the sky do not count as evidence. For that matter, with the technology we have to edit videos and add things in them, any video shouldn't just be taken as evidence.

As for people who have supposedly encountered aliens face to face, I believe there was simply a trick of the brain to make them believe they encountered aliens much like a person's brain might trick them into believing they saw a ghost.

Some UFO are human made and aliens are rare commodity. Best way to prove both exist is with use of Alien&Health technology.

I find it odd that if these aren't UFOS why they don't just come out and say what they are and prove it why not hold out the object in question and go SEE SEE?

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