Learning in schools ought to immediately be supported with adequate ways to practice what is learned.

I have always said that the way we learn stuff in school leaves a long gap, and for a long time with our actually practicing what has been learned so far.
There is a huge difference between what we learn in school and what is practiced in the work place. It's only in sports that people and students have the opportunity to not only practice what they learn but to also earn rewards from it immediately while they are still in school, that is why kids in school want to be basketball athletes, football stars, because they can see their mates already reaching heights in that career, because they have the opportunity to throw in all their creativity, they can see their career progress while learning, and know precisely and immediately if this is what they want to do for the rest of their life. They are in school and already making impact in the "workplace", they are fully aware of the whole process and reaping wins, respect and money even while in school.
Our learning system ought to change to that, learning should be accompanied side by side with field experiences without waiting to graduate and look for a job then start practicing in full what was learned years previously. The universities are turning up thousands of graduates every year who have lost their sense of creativity because of the stereotyped learning processes taught in school. That is why people like Bill Gates and William Boeing had to drop out of school to be who they really want to be. If they remained, I don't know what would have happened.

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