are most relationships nowadays of people falling in love w/ the man or woman who have touched and plant a fire in their heart, or security?

or it could be both, but why are you with the person yor are in a relationship now? im just a curious teen...:)

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It depends on the person. But I am 39 now, and it was only 5 years ago when I finally discovered what being in love was. It was a little of both but more that he started a fire in my heart that will always burn forever! Unfortunately he has passed away of cancer, but I realize how lucky i was to be able to experience it even if it was only for a short time. He was a strong passionate man who kept me on my toes and never backed down from anything in life. He taught me more about myself that I ever noticed and loved me so much differently from any other man that has ever loved me. Even though we both had faults, we made each other want to become better people and we supported every aspect of the other persons individual life. If a man turns his world upside down for you, he is a keeper!

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