Tread Lightly On Others Dreams; Especially Your Kids.

The Dreams of Others are given through words and the receiver should take care not to squash anothers Dreams; regardless of how ridiculous it is. I believe proper guidance is much needed in this chaotic span of time.

These trying times make or break a lot of hopes and dreams. The one person one would hope to have support is their immediate family, so support them and guide them. If the dream is far-fetched guide them to the farthest point logically possible, until they reach their own "ends".

Don't allow someone to take anothers dream and abuse that dream because dreams have enemies and that is by the dreamless and souless people, though I say to try to guide these empty individuals' to a higher point as well, if possible.

Let's attempt to switch between spot light thinking into lantern thinking, as Alison Gopnik has stated. I think that this will help a lot in making a dream into reality. It can also open up your mind to the new possibilities.

See everyone around you as your child with potential to do great things; be the light at the end of anothers dream filled tunnel.

Those who kills dreams has shot their and their childrens feet.

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