What are the top 5 problems couples face with long distant relationships? I would like to provide solutions to help.

I am researching the problems of being in long distant relationships. I am interested in the challenged that are faced, the head space that form patterns at what stage of their time apart. Is there patterns in the first week, the week before, the second, third, forth week ect....
I would love to have some understanding and be able to contribute in helping the people of these relationships by providing a chat room, news letters, MP3 downloads and online help.

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Intimacy-- Making frequent trips so have regular time together. Lack of communication- Frequent messages and/or phone calls. Isolation-- Using a video chat application often to avoid loneliness. Trust-- Be honest about others in your life and establish grounds for your relationship as soon at it is comfortable to do so.... Keeping/holding interest or attraction---- Doing all of the other things mentioned .

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