Humans see better in black and white, cats seem to see better on the blue red spectrum. Metaphor as a way of discussing nature and nurture.

The idea of paper and ink came from China. Other cultures used charcoal on animal hides or linen which rotted away more quickly due to bacterial activity. In very low light levels, northern hemisphere we see better in black and white. What about at the other latitudes where vegetation is more lush. We know about green red colourblindness as a genetic mutation but would we see more of he world if we tried to view nature and nurture through alternative lenses and added it to the black/white filters we now have. What would we see on the blue/green spectrum. I would particularly like to apply this to energy management, for black think fossil fuels and minerals for white think atomic energy and minerals. What is in the blue green spectrum besides wind power and wave action generators, what about the role of the little things in nature like blue green algae and pollinating insects. What happens when humans interfere with natures microfilters. Encouraging people to think and extrapolate on existing scientific evidence based knowledge and also on instincts bearing in mind their own cultural filters.

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