Is choice killing the quality of music on the radio?

This refers really to the pop chart area of music, which has never been great, but looks increasingly more and more stale.
Ever since the practise of music downloading and the intrusion of shows like "Pop Idol" and the "The X Factor" consumers have in a large part been able to choose what they want to hear in the chart.
The question is; do we even know what we want? Take the X Factor for example. The people always choose the winner based on pre-determined tastes in music, which I woulod argue is bases on what they hear in the chart already. But the trend is one of obscurity for most finalists somewhere down the line.
The point to be taken from this is that we only think we know what we want, which gives very little room for a ground breaking act to emerge through. Sometimes I just think we should just have things sprung upon us without regard to what we might "want".

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