what if we thought more practically?

my name is Thomas Rogers and I define myself as an engineer, usually this shoehorns me into a more practical and logical mindset when it comes to thinking and problem solving. normally this would infuriate me by trying to guess how i think and reason based off of my hobby and field of study, if it wasn't true.

what i am suggesting is that as a community we throw away our discussions about gay rights, religion, abortion, the jobs market and dare i say even media piracy in favor of getting the most glaring problems solved.

here in new york our roads are notoriously under paved, the last time my road that i live on was paved was about 2003 when i was all of 10 years old. to add to that many of our bridges are woefully under repaired and mismanaged, a good example of this is that there are easily five bridges within 5 miles of my town which are ranked in the 3rd percentile as most likely to catastrophically fail. our electrical infrastructure is wasting energy to shorts and a degrading grid. and finally our dams are literally worse than our roads when it comes to the danger of catastrophic failure.

to add to this we have a national debt that is beyond control and congress has not passed a budget in over two years. if i ever skipped my job i wouldn't even last a week! to add to that online there is a roaming statistic saying that more than 70% of Americans get more back from the government than they pay in taxes.

the biggest problem of it all is that this has been happening since the 60's and no one has stepped in to stop the apathy.

so here is my plea, let's stop arguing about how we should live and enjoy our future long enough to ensure that there will be a future to enjoy.

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