The single thing the world needs most is better government. Tribunocracy is procedural change that will systemically improve government.

Tribunocracy is to Democracy what a Trial is to justice.

Tribunocracy is, What the world needs now...because:

At present citizen voting is the equivalent of a verdict rendered by jurors that do not attend a trial. Our present voting system might be called: “Mobocracy”. The world needs better government making better decisions.

Tribunocracy utilizes Tribunes randomly selected from all the willing eligible potential voters. Like jurors in a court trial the selected Tribunes attend a public trial-like Tribunal Convention before voting. The majority vote of the Tribunes is a proxy for the majority vote of the entire pool of eligible voters from whom they were selected. Like jurors, Tribunes serve only briefly, are dismissed after voting and retain no special power.
Tribunocracy reduces the role of money and shallow information in the election process because:

All the Tribunes attend a public trial-like Tribunal Convention, before they vote. Like jurors in a trial, Tribunes are exposed directly to the candidates and testifying parties for many hours, over a period of days. This exposure will greatly reduce the importance of prior paid advertising and shallow campaigning.

With Tribunocracy elected officials will be less compromised and preoccupied with raising money because:

The massive amounts of money now required to be elected and re-elected will not be needed. Candidates seeking reelection will be subject to much grater scrutiny regarding their past record. Candidates will have much more time to articulate their objectives and positions regarding important issues.

Tribunocracy is to democratic government what a public trial is to justice.
Witnessing and participating in Tribunal Conventions, will provide the public both entertainment and education. Tribunal Conventions will become the ultimate reality TV

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