The concept of love can be strongly correlated to the concept of religion or faith.

Right now I do not have love. You always hear about people having love, and when they have it they want to proclaim it to the whole world. This gets annoying to many people, except those who share the same level and feeling of love. You cannot see love, and until you have it you cannot feel love. But so many people have it in the world, and it is so prevalent in society, that you are sure it is there. But you cannot prove definitely that it is there, you can always have doubts. But you cannot prove definitely that it is not there, you can always have doubts. It is something that if you don't have you can spend all of your time trying to find it, whether in the right place or the wrong place. Some people go crazy when they don't have it, some need it for mental stability. Some people have a traumatic experience related to it and, as a result, are numb to it for a very long time, claiming they don't need it and it means nothing in the world. They say its all fake, and that all those people that have it are full of shit. Some people do nothing but wear it out by saying it all the time, and two main things result from this. First, the meaning of it reduces and reduces until it means nothing. You hear someone talk about it and just want them to shut up because you are sick and tired of hearing it. Second, although it is worn out in everyone's mind, its absolute truth, one way or the other, remains unaffected.

Now take everything I just said and try to find a piece of it that does not relate to the issue of the truth of a particular religion, say Christianity. There are some things that went through my head during the day that I was not able to remember to put in this document, but the general idea is laid out. Try and find an aspect of the concept of having love, sharing love, the existence of love, etc, that cannot be correlated with religion.

There are many implications for this, but the main road I went down is simply seeing the intriguing amount of similarities be

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