Higher education and research can and should be provided under the professional paradigm, not the university-government-union "hybrid."

Operating on around the current tuition and mandatory fee revenue universities receive, the vast majority of programs of study in higher education (HE) can be provided to society under the protection and direction of a formal profession. That is, academics (professors) that are not union-represented, university-government employees, but independent professionals offering their qualified expertise in education and research, subject to good standing in a legislatively approved professional society and social contract. We entrust and INSIST on the professional paradigm where other important services are concerned - medical, legal, engineering, accounting, psychiatry, dentistry... If we insist that we and our children receive these social goods within the professional service model, surely the same is plausible for (higher) education. I am confident that if this is true it will revolutionize HE and leave it with a much healthier custodian. My website explains this idea in greater detail. I implore you as an academic and a citizen, apply your collective intelligence to this proposal - so very much is at stake. Sincerely, Shawn Warren, PhD.

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