Plant a million trees and educate the new generation on our present environmental problems at a tenth or less of what the gov't spends!

The gov't in the Philippines have spent millions, perhaps billions of pesos in reforestation for several decades purportedly to save the environment with almost nothing to show for it! In a small project in rural Mindanao, we have discovered a new simple way of how to get out of this rut and plant so many trees at so short a time and at a such an unbelievable cost. And in addition, educating a new generation of young minds on matters of the environment and how they can contribute towards making it better. The Project revolves around the planting of trees by grade schools and high school students in rural areas in Eastern Mindanao in exchange for surplus computer sets for their schools. The computers come with CDs/DVDs about the environment and how they can contribute to make it better. For every 500 trees planted and survived for at least 1 yr, the school gets a computer set and the discs. Planting 1000 trees gets the school 2 computer sets. An improvement on this idea would be to add a projector for the school and to connect their computers to the internet. Our estimate is that we managed to get the trees planted @ $1.5/. The idea was so hot that even the schools outside of our project area were begging to be included. A million trees? Why not 5 or 10 Million? Opening the school's world to the magic of the computer age and the internet is beyond imagination!

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