Call for the release of electrogravitics from black projects to obtain the gravity control and overunity ("free energy") to benefit Humanity

Electrogravitics, which offers gravity control ("antigravity") and overunity ("free energy") has been hidden in black projects for over 50 years. I know because My father, who was a top electrical engineer at an aerospace firm in the 1950's talked about it and what it can do very excitedly until the day it became deeply classified.

I am aware also that money is merely an accounting of meaningful energy expended in an energy-scarce society, it is clear that, along with the robotics We see today, We can eliminate the need for money with overunity for external energy and robots to replace the Human energy in necessary work no One wants to do. This leaves the abundance of Our planet flowing freely to ALL of Us.

We can eliminate:

● Poverty
● Hunger
● Slavery (outright or wage slavery)
● War (wars are incited to ensure profit for the war suppliers and "infrastructure rebuilders")
● The control of the many by the few
● The LOVE of money (the root of all evil)
● The need to pay for education
● Products made to fail so as to ensure future sales
● Hidden cures
● Spam
● Aggressive advertising
● Focus on the material
● Politics for Self- or special-interest
● GMO for control of food
● Water control
● Hydrofracking, rain forest clearing, oil drilling, coal mining
● Corporations
● Corporate "farmers" paid to NOT produce food
● Doctors who are more interested in money than patients
● Bankers
● Insurance
● Interweb takeover
● "Voting" machines with proprietary software
● Waste

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There goes that same anon again, spewing out a bunch of far fetched gibberish that doesn't make any sense.