Open source this, open source that... How about open source comedy?

I'm a writer, I work on many ideas. I think I'm a pretty decent writer, or at least that I have some great ideas. But almost all my ideas are serious and pointful.

Inspired by some modern comedy like Family Guy and Archer, I have an idea for a cartoon which I think could be very funny. But I don't think I can write comedy with any great skill.

I was just watching a documentary-style look into the making of one of the newer Family Guy season and I thought - hey, what a great thing, to have all sorts of people go into the creation of a show.

My next thought was - if I'm not comfortable writing an idea which I think is good... Why not open source it?

So here's my idea: a comedy cartoon series built not by a body of hired writers, artists and voice actors... But a comedy cartoon which is open-sourced, built by many people and produced freely (maybe).

How would I go about starting this project? How would I go about promoting it? What are the problems I will face, and what are some solutions to said problems? Is this even a good idea?

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