Why is magic the red-headed stepchild of the arts?

While it seems that everyone knows someone who can play an instrument or knows someone who writes music or poems and/or books. We all know someone who sings or paints or sculpts but we rarely actually know someone who is a magician. We look at the latter not as seriously as the others. I'm not knocking the other arts as they take many years of practice and diligence, but few realize that magic does too. The hours of practice to make it not only convincing but entertaining. Having to get in front of people and perform the task of making that person freeze a moment in time.
People are moved by movies and music and often can relate it very easily to moments in their lives. Magic doesnt do that. Women dont throw their bras and faint when they see their favorite magician. People dont connect memories from pivotal points in their lives to magic as they do a song or a painting. Movies make us laugh and cry and we recall details from it and tell others, as a magician we rarely get that kind of response.
While im not looking for magic to be the top of the arts I am looking for us as magicians to change and shape the perception of what magic means. Its not about me or the trick its about you and the connection we made. Magic is a medium that can transcend other arts and even combine them thru artful story-telling and music.
i hope to hear what you all think and help change the perception of what magic really is

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I never knew it was. Interesting.

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