Grow alternative collaborative systems to accommodate for our new understanding of psychology, social sciences, and morality.

We've seen how cooperation and collaboration have evolved over recent years. Open source projects and ThinkCycle are two good examples of cooperation based on a goal of creating value. We need to start moving off of incentives and encouraging people to act based on what their values are. We can all share from the gains of meaningful contributions like inventions and new designs if we allow the inventors and designers to share their findings, take pride in their work, and thrive in a society that collectively reciprocates.

We are seeing more clearly in behavioral economics, psychology, and other social sciences that humans are capable of more responsibility and contributions than we've given ourselves credit for. The assumptions on which we've based our social systems of collective action are outdated and irrelevant. We need to upgrade our understanding of our collaborative potential, and realize the social gains that would follow.

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