What is brain education?

The main problem of educating the brain is that physically lodged fixations, addictions, prejudices, likes, dislikes, preferences, beliefs, older knowledge and biases etc.(which is bunched together as emotional baggage), block/alter/ignore/dilute/misinterpret and help to create distraction from learning the lesson at hand. So brain education has to start early as the child enters post birth life if not earlier. At least as the student enters Pre-K we must develop tests that determine if the student needs brain education. Brain education is about removing the emotional baggage which is physically integrated into the brain. Thus brain education is emotional brain therapy. It is very different from mind/regular-education. No wonder wisdom education is a big failure as we do not even consider physically changing the brain from evil/ignorant/selfish to good/wise/selfless.

It is amazing that the Bible is saying exactly what we have discovered after 35+ years of researching wisdom. In science terms wisdom education is about cleaning up the brain of all emotional baggage. The Bible is saying that God made man pure and the devil made the man impure. Thus fundamentally man is pure and so, all we need to do is take away the impurity that is added by the devil. In both the science case and the religious case it is about taking away the impurity from man. Thus in both cases wisdom education boils down to unlearning, unhooking from and being free from evil/ignorance/selfishness. So wisdom education is not about teaching it is about unlearning/unteaching!

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