All curriculum from grade school through college be online and standardized.

MIT and Stanford are already holding classes online. Imagine if everyone who studied Electrical Engineering watched the same online videos and took the same exams. No more wondering if a degree from Harvard is as good as a degree from a technical college. Plus, you wouldnt be strained by a timeline. A parent could watch the online videos when their parenting activities allowed them to, and they could take the exams when they were ready. And it would also allow students to accelerate through a course that may be easy for them (essentially like testing out of a class).
As far as being social, I think we will be creative with ways to socialize with others in the same field of study or with others with the same interests. No longer would we need to take classes during the day if we didnt want to. On cold, rainy days we could watch 10 videos, while on sunny days we could be active outside. No more constraints to a set schedule.

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